Many men desire bulky and better-looking beard. In order to grow better beard, men have to be willing to spend more time taking care of their beard. One should possess the equipment needed for this purpose including beard brushes and combs.  There are some few tips to learn about growing a better beard that when followed you could quickly grow beard similar to those you envy.


Growing magnificent beard requires a lot of dedication and commitment. You should have a clear reason why you want to grow the beard. Growing a beard requires a lot of courage since shaving is what is considered the norm. Are you willing to go all the way?

Start Growing.

You have already made the decision to grow a beard and have decided to stick and commit to it. You should stop shaving completely for some time, at least a month, to give your beard a chance to grow. At this stage there are several things you should do:

  1. Be patient.

Beard is not something that will grow in one day or a week. It takes time. You should be willing to give it time and let it grow. Do not be in a hurry.

  1. Watch your diet.

Nutrients are needed for proper growth of beard hair. It is also important to avoid flaky hair which leads to dandruff since nutrients help in moisturization.

  1. Take supplements.

Supplements are a good way of increasing nutrients in your body. You can take beard vitamins to supplement for vitamins. Biotin has also been proven to be a good supplement that helps in faster growth of hair. Learn more.

Maintain the beard.

After the beard has grown, you need to take care of it by doing the following.

Conditioning is very important as it helps prevent hair breakage and even moisturizes. Use product only formulated for beard hair. Ensure you read the ingredients list to ensure you have no allergic reactions to the product. If possible look for a product that is all natural and uses essential oils for their scent.

Use shampoo specifically meant for the beard hair. Beard is found on the face which happens to have a very sensitive skin for most people. Furthermore, the hair on the face is more fragile. Shampoo used for the head could be a bit harsh on the face. After washing always pat dry with a towel. Do not blow-dry.

  1. Get a beard trimmer.

Beard trimmers are specifically made to trim beards as the name suggests. After about four weeks without shaving, one should buy a beard trimmer and learn how to use it. However, in the earlier days of trimming, it is advisable to visit a professional barber. This helps a person to avoid trimming the beard funnily or even over trimming. After trimming your beard, you could style it in different shapes and ways according to your liking. You could use hairsprays, styling gels, wax or beard balm to style. Use a beard brushes and beard combs to groom the beard.

In case of itching, do not give up. Shampoo regularly and soon you will get used to this new situation. Apply beard oil or moisturizer to hydrate the skin beneath. Remember there are genetic differences. It might take longer for some people to grow their beard than others. Therefore, do not give up if yours take longer. Learn more details at https://www.majorbeard.com/beards/beard-conditioners/beard-balm/honest-amish-beard-balm-leave-conditioner-review/